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YU CAPITAL is the investment-funding arm for the financing of fashion, lifestyle and technology companies that show high potential for growth in a global market. YU CAPITAL prides itself in supporting emerging designers and their honing of their craft, as well as championing sustainability and disruptive technologies to positively impact our lives.

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YU FASHION provides international brands and talents with trusted strategic advisory, representation and a 360 tailored management operation to facilitate entry and expansion into China. Drawing upon the international team’s expertise, industry network and acute understanding of Eastern and Western culture, YU FASHION is uniquely positioned to incubate and accelerate business growth.

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YU CULTURE exists to enrich the cultural landscape through the development of philanthropical initiatives within the realms of film, art, fashion and media. Recognising the importance of cultural institutions and their role in he making of history, education and as a breeding ground for the creative class , YU CULTURE seeks to build it’s legacy in providing opportunity for creative and cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.